OIDSurviving the First Quarter of Teaching

What will you need to know about the relationship between section and lecture, and among sections?

ControlYou may have absolute control over the content of your section, or the instructor may have clear ideas about what to cover in each section.

Other TAs You may be expected to standardize sections with your co-TAs, or you may be able to give assignments independently. You will want to find out how much equity and standardization is expected across sections.

Meetings Your instructor may require you to meet periodically to discuss section. If not, you may wish to suggest meetings. These meetings will ensure that all TAs are on the same page and that your instructor is up to date on student performance.

Lecture You may wish to discuss expectations about the relationship between section and lecture. Section may be an extension of lecture, it may be structured simply as a review session, or it may allow you room for independent instruction.