OIDSurviving the First Quarter of Teaching

Course Structure

Grading.The instructor may ask for grade norming sessions or may expect you to grade independently. You may wish to find out what access you will have to Gradebook, what portion of grading the instructor will assume, and what the instructor expects in terms of a grading scale.

Lecture. You may wish to find out if TAs are expected to attend lecture, if you will have an opportunity to lecture, and where the instructor would prefer you to sit (some instructors have a preference).

Section. You may wish to find out how much weight section will have, what expectations, if any, the instructor has for section, and what your co-TAs expect from section. Does he/she wish that you spend sections reviewing points covered in lecture and readings? Or, will your class be about branching off from lecture and discovering new ideas?

Assignments. You may wish to find out if TAs will be involved in creating assignments, how many assignments will take place over the quarter, and the instructor's policy regarding makeups and lateness.


Rob Groves (TA/Classics) talks about grading.