OIDSurviving the First Quarter of Teaching

Do you need to adjust your next lesson?

Evaluate.If, during the course of your lesson, you run out of time, how will you cover those points which you missed?

This is your judgment call and depends on the importance of the material to the next week’s lesson, the class timeline, and the topic’s applicability to their papers, homework, and/or exams. If the material you’re teaching depends upon something you didn’t teach last week, then you should probably cover it. Use your judgment.
You may opt to tell students that something was skipped, but it will be covered the following week or you can begin the next class by quickly reviewing it.

It may be important, however, NOT to get bogged down in last week’s work unless it affects the students’ ability to understand the current week’s material. You can always advise them to review a subject on their own. Your class time is precious. Use it wisely.